The Challenge

Some personal injury lawyers are considered to be “ambulance chasers”, and because of this personal injury lawyers not trusted. The perception is that they follow the money, and inauthentically represent areas themselves as experts in where they are not.

The founder of The Cycling Lawyer on the other hand is the exact opposite of this. Joel Zanatta is a passionate cyclist and is an true ambassador of the sport he loves to much. Joel also happens to have 20+ years of personal injury experience and is considered top of his filed. Joel founded the Cycling Lawyer so that he could combine his love of cycling with his passion for law so that he could help his friends, and other cyclists in their time of need.

The Solution

We created authentic and powerful cycling brand that resonated with the cycling community while gaining their trust in Joel and his commitment to the cycling world.

The website became an online community providing valuable resources for cyclists. Their monthly newsletters were both visually rich, and packed full of interesting cycling stories, tools, and information. A online store was created to sell rider specific merch and helped further elevate their brand and solidify them as the true resource for cyclists.

The Results

The Cycling Lawyer and Joel was voted the top lawyer for Cyclists in 2020, and the brand continued to grow. Then in 2021 the rules changed in British Columbia making it so cyclists could not sue if a driver hit them which rendered Joel’s business model obsolete. Instead of shutting down the online community and valuable resource.

  • 100% increases brand awareness
  • Rapid growth on social media
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Know brand with custom e-comerce website
I have been a practicing lawyer and cyclist for close to twenty years. Throughout my years running a legal business I have taken a pretty traditional approach to branding and marketing. Last year I decided that it was high time to combine my passion for all things cycling with my expertise in the law. Though I had some interesting ideas, I knew that I needed to leverage the expertise of a team with experience and knowledge. After asking some trustworthy sources I was referred to Noel and the team at FreeBird Agency.
Joel Zanatta Founder, The Cycling Lawyer
Noel and his team were as excited about the project as I was. Together we navigated the enjoyable process of discovery and built a brand that accurately encompasses who we are. I would highly recommend that anyone staring into the uncertainty of entering the market with a new message and brand work with these guys to design it right from the outset. Knowing that your brand reflects your values and resonates with your target market truly makes a difference in the confidence that you have in your business.
Joel Zanatta Founder, The Cycling Lawyer

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name Creation
  • Tagline Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Website Design & Build
  • E-Commerce
  • Apparel design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Online Advertising
  • Film and Video Creation
  • Social Media

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