The Challenge

Cool As A Moose, Canada’s #1 chain of souvenir stores, decided to launch a new chain of souvenir stores targeting a new generation of hip traveler’s, they knew they needed a brand that would create a strong emotional connection to this brand conscious target market.

Customer perception was that souvenir stores were for parents and grandparents. Big Bear Trading knew that in order to find true success they needed to reinvent the category.

The Solution

Research showed that this younger, hipper target market still wanted keepsakes from their travels, but they wanted them to be relatable and to fit their active outdoor lifestyle.

We needed to present Big Bear Trading as the authentic and most stylish choice for all of their shopping needs. We did this by creating a uniquely outdoors lifestyle brand identity that speaks to their outdoor ambitions and sense of adventure.


The Results

Big Bear Trading’s rebrand successfully delivered on its objectives of creating a memorable and respected brand that connects with its target audience and drives sales.

  • Increased Sales 100%
  • Brand Awareness 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Staff Engagement 100%
We’ve had a fantastic response with Big Bear Trading Co. from customers business owners and locals so huge thank you again to you and your team!
Chelsea Cudmore Vloet Vice President, Big Bear Trading Co.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name Creation
  • Tagline Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Apparel Design
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Social Media

Fun Fact

Big Bear Trading wanted to launch their new brand with limited budgets, so they chose to use FreeBird Agency’s online self guided brand building tool called Brand Camp. This enabled them to follow our unique, step by step process for creating their own brand strategy, logo mood board, and brand creation mood boards. By doing some of the work on their own, they were able to save money, while still providing us with the necessary tools for creating a powerful and successful brand.

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