Hook And Vice makes quality products designed for life in the great outdoors. Their unique angle is that they are a fly fishing brand which is a growing target market that has been under served by contemporary design.

The challenge for FreeBird Agency was that Hook And Vice’s goal was to transcend the outdoor and fly fishing market to eventually be worn by both true outdoors people as well as the in crowd in big urban centres.

FreeBird Agency started off by developing a rock solid brand strategy which acts as the brands North Star. From that came a catchy and own-able name with it’s own dot com, the brands tone of voice and a memorable logo that appeals to a wide range of possible consumers.

FreeBird Agency then rolled out the rest of the brand as well as a comprehensive marketing plan. These included apparel graphics, graphic design, website design, e-commerce programming, copy writing, social media marketing, advertising and a whole lot more.

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