The Challenge

The podcast space is crowded and tough to break into, especially when you are a unknown and it’s your first time podcasting. Business coaching podcasts are even tougher because time pressed business owners want to spend their time listening to shows that provide proven results.

We’re hard-working entrepreneurs that figured out how to get out of the day-to-day of running their businesses. They created Contractor Evolution to share what they have learned, with the goal of helping the every day contractor evolve into a thriving business owner.

The Solution

We created cool and relatable, professional looking brand that hit a strong emotional connection with their trades specific, business owner target audience.

The brand is impactful and stands them apart from other podcasts on Apple, Spotify and Google. The film set is decked out with a large Contractor Evolution logo which brings the viewer in, and is memorable and engaging. Everyone who interacts with the brand understands it, trusts it, and has a strong emotional connection to it.

The Results

The Contractor Evolution is the fastest growing trades specific podcast across all of its viewing platforms.

  • The fastest growing trades specific podcast across all channels.
  • 1000% increases brand awareness.
  • Rapid growth on social media.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • A highly memorable and relatable brand.
Our company’s branding has made a huge difference in our market presence - FreeBird Agency nailed it!
Igor Trninic Co-Founder, Contractor Evolution

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name Creation
  • Tagline Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Set Design

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