There is a point where a hobby kind of crosses the line into obsession. And it has happened to me a few times in my life, but I will say that the latest venture of small batch beer brewing is pretty addictive. Julia and I have made some really delicious brews (OK, a few duds too) and the more we brew the more fun it seems to get. Not only making all our own label designs, some graphical, some photo driven inspired by ol’ Jones Soda styles, but we also have ventured into growing our own hops.

Read on for more photos and details!


So far we’ve brewed:

  • 5 IPAs
  • 1 Fresh Hop IPA
  • 2 American Pale Ales
  • 4 Saisons
  • 1 Cascadian Dark Ale
  • 1 Porter
  • 1 Smoked Scotch Ale
  • 1 Stout
  • 1 really awesome fresh Blueberry Wheat Ale

We’ve got some Cascades growing a plot in our Vancouver community garden plot, Chinook and Centennials in a Squamish garden and some top secret “Sooke” hops growing guerrilla gardening style around Vancouver. Ask nicely and I may reveal some locations… 🙂

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