Since the late 1800’s brands have helped companies distinguish their products from competition and helped to create a sense of importance and consumer identification. But which brands have stood the test of time? Here are five well-known brands that appear a lot younger then they really are.

Stella Artois

When it comes to selling a luxury brand at a premium price Stella Artois is one of the best in the business. While the beer itself dates back to the 1300’s, the brand surrounding the infamous beer did not start making a name for itself until the 1980’s when Frank Low helped to create the message that paying more was a guarantee of quality. Since then Stella Artois has remained one of the most recognized and stigmatized brands of beer in the world.

Tiffany & Co

Yes, diamonds are a girls best friend and no one says it better than Tiffany & Co. When it comes to creating a brand that is simple yet elegant Tiffany & Co. may be oneof the best in the business. Though brand and desire enforced marketing, their iconic little blue box has become the symbol of all things love, engagement, and marriage.

American Express

With its’ simple blue and white logo, American Express has created a symbol of commitment to unsurpassed service, expertise, and integrity since the 1950’s. While ideas of new logos may have been presented, the company has never added additional logosto any of their products, helping to create brand recognition across the globe. In 1975, David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather, developed the highly successful “Don’tLeave Home Without Them” ad campaign for American Express Traveler’s Cheques. 40 years on and it’s still a tagline that comes top of mind when you think American Express.

John Deere

The vehicle of choice for a farm boy on prom night, John Deere has managed to stay at the top of the farm equipment industry since 1837, in part due to the strong brand created from the beginning. While this well-known company has diversified through the years, their leaping deer logo has stayed true to the company and made them the most recognizable company in the farm equipment industry.


While we don’t love drinking cola, we do love a powerful brand. Coca-Cola has been able to keep their brand modern and top of mind by playing up their classic roots. Their branding has emphasized it’s vintage history by using the same logo since the beginning, and promoting the brand as a true American company.

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