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Powerful Brands Start Here.

Brand Camp is a powerful online tool that we created to help our clients work through some of the most important brand building questions so they are are well suited to hit a home run with their brand as they grow.

For $2,500 you get access to our easy to follow, step by step online branding course.

1) Brand Strategy
All great business start with a brand strategy, it’s the road map to your success. Different from a business plan, a brand strategy establishes your brands personality, tone of voice, and clearly defines your ideal target markets. Once completed this becomes a tool that guides all of your brand and marking decisions moving forward.

2) Logo Mood Board
Based on the work completed in the brand strategy, your logo mood sets the creative direction for your new logo to come. It aligns all key stakeholders and ensures that the finished design of your logo is exactly what’s needed to help you achieve your companies goals.

3) Brand Mood Board
Where your brand comes to life is when your logo is placed into it’s working environment. This stage helps to establish typography, colour, illustrations, photography, and other design elements that help make your brand great. The end result will set a clear path for your new brand to follow.

4) Website Mood Board
There are a lot of different elements that will go into your new website. This board helps to lock down the overall look and feel of the site, including navigation style, typography, icons, buttons, footer, mobile design, etc. Once completed you will have set a clear direction for your new site to come.

Once completed you will have everything you need so that your graphic designer, or us if you prefer, is well positioned to create the perfect brand that attracts the right customers, and the perfect employees.

To check out more, visit Brand Camp.

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